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Horse training facilities

We have an exceptional horse training facilities here in Yorkshire. Our horses receive top quality care and training from our dedicated team.


Just off the A1, near Wetherby, in a peaceful village, Cowthorpe.


Already proven capable of training a Group 1 horse to success (twice), a fantastic carpet gallop, which can be used whatever the weather. We have a round 1m2F gallop with an uphill finish and a straight 4F gallop. Very versatile for any horse, be it a sprinter or distance horse.


Great to lunge them loose with no saddle on, really freshens them up. Often go round in pairs; it’s like playtime for them!

Starting Stalls

3 Bay Stalls

Horse Boxes

2 Stall

5 Stall

2 Undercover Horse Walkers

Rubber non slip flooring

Contains up to 5 horses on each

Turn Out

We have a 20-acre turn-out paddock for the older horses and various other paddocks to satisfy the needs for horses that are a little timid, younger or female!

We also have 4 pens for the mischievous/naughty ones!

All in all every horse will be assessed accordingly to ensure they have their freedom.


Each stable has rubber matted floor and the highest quality shavings. The stables are quite unique, each stable has an added window for extra ventilation and an extra view!


We use the highest quality feed and add supplements that we know (from over the years), achieve great results. Good things go in, good things come out…hopefully on the racetrack!